Monday, July 30, 2012

Shiho's Mementomori Event

Went to a very fun birthday event on July 21st. Shiho who owns Witasexutopia threw one of her events: Mementomori.
As always it was a good mix of fetish shows and shibari shows, there was also several rope artists on hand to tie up the customers in the VIP area.

The event started on saturday night and as it went into sunday, it then became her birthday event as her birthday is on the 22nd.  I had made a mistake on which venue it was so I got there an hour late so I missed several shows. The only good photos of the DJ's that I took are the ones of DJ MOE:T.

It was one of the coolest birthday parties I have been to, wonder what next year's party will be like. If you ask Shiho how old she is she will say 400 years old.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Fuck Tokyo, I Love Osaka T-Shirt

I have been living in Osaka for the last 21 years. It is my home, I love Osaka. I mainly post photos from events that I attend here in the Osaka area, I have no real interest in the scene in Tokyo. For the last couple of years I have been saying the Osaka is the heart and soul saying from up above and along with that I also have been saying, Fuck Tokyo, I Love Osaka. From my friends SM bars to gaijin bars and other places I have gotten other people to shout with me(Japanese and gaijin alike) Fuck Tokyo, we love Osaka.

So now I have finally gotten around to making a T-Shirt. My friend Marlon is making them at his Psicario Print Studio here in Osaka. You can order one here; Fuck Tokyo, I Love Osaka. If you live in Osaka, send me a message via Facebook or my Yahoo address: chorizosmells [at mark] and I can bring one to you in person, save you the shipping charges, those living outside Osaka please order one via Marlon's Psicario Print Studio.

I also got plans to put some of my fetish photos on t-shirts. My next exhibit will have a small selection of t-shirts available along with photos for sale. Soon Marlon will have several of my fetish t-shirts for sale.

Here is a list of places in Osaka where you can buy a t-shirt.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Medical Fetish Night

December 23, 2011 Shiho had a Medical Fetish Night at her bar, Witasexutopia. It was a fun night, another chance for me to dress up in my nurse outfit. She did two play piercings(including sewing up the lips),a cutting/scarification and a shibari performance

Mr. Norikku of CGJ Gips was also on hand and he put several people in arm/leg casts. Mr. Norikku is into Cast Fetish and if you check out his website you can see all the models he has put a cast on and photographed/video taped.

A couple of years ago he put a cast on Shiho and when I saw those photos I thought she had had an accident. Mr. Norikku quickly told me that it was just for his cast fetish photoshoot and she had not really broken her arm. I was relived since Shiho and I were gonna do a shoot the following week and I thought I would have to delay the shoot a couple of weeks.

Mr. Norriku is always looking for new cute models so any ladies wanting to see what a cast feels like, send him an email. Here is his Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.