Monday, July 30, 2012

Shiho's Mementomori Event

Went to a very fun birthday event on July 21st. Shiho who owns Witasexutopia threw one of her events: Mementomori.
As always it was a good mix of fetish shows and shibari shows, there was also several rope artists on hand to tie up the customers in the VIP area.

The event started on saturday night and as it went into sunday, it then became her birthday event as her birthday is on the 22nd.  I had made a mistake on which venue it was so I got there an hour late so I missed several shows. The only good photos of the DJ's that I took are the ones of DJ MOE:T.

It was one of the coolest birthday parties I have been to, wonder what next year's party will be like. If you ask Shiho how old she is she will say 400 years old.

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