Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Medical Fetish Night

December 23, 2011 Shiho had a Medical Fetish Night at her bar, Witasexutopia. It was a fun night, another chance for me to dress up in my nurse outfit. She did two play piercings(including sewing up the lips),a cutting/scarification and a shibari performance

Mr. Norikku of CGJ Gips was also on hand and he put several people in arm/leg casts. Mr. Norikku is into Cast Fetish and if you check out his website you can see all the models he has put a cast on and photographed/video taped.

A couple of years ago he put a cast on Shiho and when I saw those photos I thought she had had an accident. Mr. Norikku quickly told me that it was just for his cast fetish photoshoot and she had not really broken her arm. I was relived since Shiho and I were gonna do a shoot the following week and I thought I would have to delay the shoot a couple of weeks.

Mr. Norriku is always looking for new cute models so any ladies wanting to see what a cast feels like, send him an email. Here is his Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.


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Thanks rik, my mind is completely blown.

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