Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saint Shiho

December 18, 2010Shiho had her event at Raindogs. Fetish performances, sm play, musical acts, and lastly a hook suspension on Shiho. For this suspension Guido(here's his Facebook link) built a cool steel cross and the hooks inShiho's back and arms were attached to the cross and her and the cross were lifted up into the air.

I shot her last suspension in a closed studio and so I had space to set up my

strobes, this time she was doing her suspension in a club full of people so I had two friends each hold a strobe and aim it atShiho and the other strobe I put on a stand and lit up the background with it. I really enjoyed making the Saint Shiho photo, only had an 8 min. window to shoot it, but once I got the audience moved around a bit I had just enough time to get the shot. Would have loved to use more strobes but next time I'll bring 6 strobes with me. Sometime this year she'll be suspended again.

Her fetish barWitasexutopiaopens up again on Feb. 1, 2011.

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edgar said...

Awesome photos. Great job!