Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Libertine de Sade Fetish Party

November 13th, saturday in Amemura, Osaka I will have another fetish event at Club Suite. This event is a little more hardcore than the past Plastique party.

The event starts at 8pm and goes on till about 3am or 4am. The first show is a burlesque show by C.Snatch Z. She is the third person in the video at about the 5:07 mark. C.Snatch Z. will be doing two shows, the second one about 12 midnight.

The 2nd performance is by Witasexalice, Shiho will do a fetish show. She has performed at every Plastique event and she runs a very cool fetish bar in Osaka,
Witasexutopia. Her show will be a little more hardcore than the past Plastique event, at the second Plastique party one guy fainted midway through her show, I asked her to do another show like that and to not hold back.

The last performance will be a shibari and SM show by Kamijo Saki.
Her partner will be Ellie. Saki San is one of the top performers in Japan spending most of her time traveling all over Japan.

Tickets are 4,000 advanced and 5,000 at the door. I am trying hard to sell all the advanced tickets and I am only making 45 tickets since it is a small club so I think there will probably be only a few left over if any to be had the night of the event so if you want to be able to get into the event I highly recommend you get your tickets

I will have lots of ropes and whips and other toys to play with so in between the shows customers can have fun on their own and Snatch, Shiho and Saki will be giving a group rope bondage lesson so several couples can get a professional lesson on how to tie up each other so for the playing and rope lessons I do not want a full capacity crowd, we'll need some room to move around so tickets will be limited to 45 people.

Getting these 3 performers at the same event is a very rare treat. This is the first and only time this year they will be performing at the same party so I am very happy they will be able to give you all a special intimate performance.

Kim Dunstan, Andrew Farmer and I will be selling tickets so get a hold of us and we will go and meet you around Osaka to get some tickets to you. My plan is to have all the tickets sold before the event and at the event, once everyone is inside we will lock the door and party.

See you all at Libertine de Sade.

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Wherebear said...

Hello, I just moved to the Osaka area and I'm very interested in getting involved in the bdsm scene here in Osaka. Is there any events happening soon?

You can get ahold of me by email.