Thursday, August 12, 2010

Farplane Night 4

Farplane, a fetish type clothing store put on a cool event on July 31, 2010. Farplane is a clothing store in Osaka that sells fetish and other sexy clothes. They also have adult and novelty goods and they have a bar in the back of their store.

Their Farplane Night 4 had an s/m show by Shiho and her Witasexalice performance group and a suspension show by Mr. X of Osaka. They also had drag queens, a fashion show and
Go-Go Dancers.

One of the shows I really liked was a tribal/belly dance by Axe.

I did a one night exhibit of my Shiho suspension photos. While I was setting up the photos Robin, Monica and Cleo(the Farplane staff) were busy carrying

a mikoshi of a giant silver penis. They paraded it down the streets of Amemura and I heard that the police stopped them and they had to end the mini parade early.

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