Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ting + Maya Osaka Tour

Ting and Maya came to Osaka April 8th-11th. I had arranged several clubs for them to do
s/m shows at and also photo shoots and to perform at my event, PLASTIQUE. It was a very busy 4 days, so much running around all over Osaka, but it was a lot of fun.
Here are their links, Ting's: Facebook, blog, Model Mayhem and Maya's links: Website, blog-1, blog-2, Facebook.

Thursday I picked them up at Tsuruhashi Station and we went to Hiro's Guesthouse. It's in Osaka's Korean Town and my friend Hiro runs it, great place to stay when you come to Osaka.

From there we went to Umeda for some Kaiten Sushi, aka conveyor belt sushi, or as Ting called it, running sushi. The sushi place was just around the corner from the place of the first show, SM & Fetish Bar, Arcadia. Mr. Aotsuki is the owner and he also has an Arcadia bar in Tokyo.

The following day they had an afternoon photo shoot with my friend Kim, aka Kimosaka. That night I took Ting and Maya to Kobe to do a show at Club Doma. Midori is the owner of this very cool and stylish bar. I managed to get a couple of photos of Ting in the VIP room. One day I gotta ask Midori about using it for my fetish photos, get there early in the afternoon with my model and shoot when no one is there.

We caught the last train back into Osaka and the girls did one more show Friday night. We went to a Happening Bar that is located in Umeda.

I also took photos of Mr. Aotsuki tying up Maya. In addition to being an S/M Queen she also likes to be tied up sometimes.


Anonymous said...


cold u also write about happening bars in osaka?
how is it there, male-female ratio, are single-foreigners allowed in?

would be interested in that!



Anonymous said...
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Rik Sanchez said...

I only put up these reports to show what events my friends and I do. I don't write about somethings in too much detail, those remain in the underground.

Either you know somebody who can introduce you or you don't get in.