Friday, March 19, 2010


I am happy to bring back PLASTIQUE. It is the s/m fetish event that some friends and I produced about 5 years ago. My friends have for the most part left Japan and so I am producing this event alone. One of the performers is Shiho. She performed in all the PLASTIQUE parties.
Joining her is Kamijo Saki, one of the top s/m queens of Japan. Special guests will be Maya Mai of Taiwan and Ting from Paris. The event will be April 10 and will be
held at Slices Cafe, in Osaka, Japan. There are two shows, 7-9pm and 9:30-11:30pm. Maya and Ting will be in both shows, Shiho will be in the first and Kamijo Saki will be in the second.

I will also be shooting photos and doing a report on Maya and Ting for Sniper Eve magazine. So I have several other shows lined up at different s/m bars in Osaka. I also have several photo shoots with them and I plan on doing an exhibit of their photos.

The Slices show has limited seating, so if you plan on attending you should get your ticktets soon. They will be available at Slices Cafe and Kama Sura. Tickets are 3,500 yen for each show. No photos or video allowed at the event.

We are also doing a separate bondage photo shoot for photographers of Maya and Ting so contact me. 1-2pm and 2-3pm are the times for the photo shoot and the price is 8,000 yen for the hour to shoot all you want. They will be doing some shibari(japanese rope bondage) and modeling. April 11, sunday is the bondage photo shoot.

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