Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sakuragawa S/M Shows

Every couple of months this small theater hosts a day of S/M shows. The cover charge is usually is about $80 for men and $50 for women. There are at least 4 shows and a free for all whipping/torture extravaganza where anyone from the audience can go up and get flogged/spanked/tied up/ etc...

The main Dominatrix is usually Kamijo Saki. She also has her own band, Kalra, and she plays lead guitar and sings. You can see one of her band's video here, I shot it a while back.

Mistress Ren is also a regular. She runs her own s/m bar in Osaka, it is called Matrix and she sells bondage ropes at her club, she gets them from Nawaya.

Mistress Reina, was also performing on this day, she also runs her own bar, Secret Club H and also produces her own events: Kansai Choukyou Club, Event Team 不知火組★組長.

Mistress Rin was another guest on the list. She also modeled for me and I used some of those photos in my last exhibit and most of the photos on her website were taken by me.

These kinds of shows are always happen here in Japan. Either at the bars/clubs that the Mistresses own or at some other big venue. With these big parties one club will usually produce it and they will have several different S/M Queens from various clubs do shows. These event's cover charge is about the same as for the Sakuragawa shows but some are $120 for men and $80 for women. Seeing S/M shows in Japan is not cheap but there are plenty of chances to see these kinds of shows if you have the money. If you really have the money you can go to a club where you either pay to submit to an S/M Queen or you can "rent" a submissive woman and you can play the part of Master or S/M Queen. Usually these kind of clubs have you go to a local Love Hotel for the S/M play. I have lots of friends who do this kind of work but that is another whole different blog post. I shot the women for one such business in Kyoto, maybe I'll post those photos on a later entry.

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