Friday, July 30, 2010

My Little Pony

Last friday Shiho took me to Opium, a club near Shin-Naniwa and Tosabori. They were having a Pony Play party there. There really aren't any Pony Boys or Pony Girls in Osaka, I met one woman, Kohinata Neko, at Jail Osaka who makes her own Pony outfits, other than her I have not heard of anyone in Osaka who is into Pony Play.

So for this event Hiromi, the Human Pony Riding Queen of Tokyo came down with her Pony for this party. I got some shots of Shiho on the pony before the club opened. She posed on the Pony but did not go for a ride. After the photos she rewarded the Pony with a drink of carrot juice. With the other people who rode the Pony they all also gave the Pony a drink of carrot juice.

After the rides the customers started to give each other rides. Soon some where getting some whacks with a whip, it started to resemble a regular party. It was a nice time there at Opium with the Pony, the next time they have another interesting event they will call me and I'm looking forward to that.

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