Thursday, July 1, 2010

Arcadia 7th Anniversary

My blog is featured on the Dungeon Place
podcast this week and I want to thank Tutivillus and Darlingevil. I also want to welcome all their listeners to my Fetish in Osaka blog. If any of you are coming to Japan, I can organize an s/m-fetish tour for you and be your tour guide. I speak English, Spanish and Japanese. Events are not happening all the time but you can see some great shibari at my friend's s/m bars and if you wanted to shoot some private shibari performance I can arrange that also, just send me an email.

The main performer at this event was Kinoko Hajime. He has been doing shows in Europe recently and his show was one of the best I have seen in a long time. I look forward to shooting his next show. He is also on Fetlife so send him a message if you like his shibari, he would love to hear from you. Kinoko on Fetlife.

Mr. Aotsuki has a cool bar in Umeda,
Arcadia. This event was his 7th anniv.
His show usually has some supernatural element to it. This time he brought back his submissive from the dead and then tied and abused her one last time.

Mistress Rui and the girls from her bar, Lacryma did a show as well. Her website might not come out right on your browser, make sure to put your text encoding settings on japanese otherwise the text might come out all wrong. Her bar is in Umeda, on the link above the bar is the drinking bar and the club is her s/m services. You can choose to play with a domme or submissive.

Kazami San and Koineko did a sexy show. Tying her up, using a Hitachi magic wand on her. For more shots of her check out.

I didn't get the name of this performer but he did a good show. She came out as his wife and when he came home from work he started to tie her up and whip and use candles on her. He then used the flowers he brought her as a whip and smacked her with them. His rope skills was very good.

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