Monday, May 24, 2010

The Suspension of Shiho

On June 6th, 6pm (6-6-6) I will do an exhibit at my friend's bar. Shiho's bar is called Witasexutopia. Last year I took photos of her suspension. She was suspended from her back and also from her stomach. On the flyer you can see the hooks on her stomach. She also had another friend suspended and she was suspended from her back. Shiho is the second woman to be suspended from her stomach in Japan and her photos came out very nice. I have showed them to some friends who hate hooks, blood, needles, etc... and they really liked them. Some commented that it looked like a photo of a jellyfish. I used several strobes and some blue gels and I lit it nicely. I can't post that photo on here now but after the exhibit I will make another post and show the photo here so check back at end of June.

When we did the suspension it was a long night. Only the piercer and his assistant and Shiho and her friend and me and my friend were present. In Japan in some places piercing is illegal at the moment so I won't go into details of where we did it but it was a great experience. Shiho was tough as hell, she did two suspension that night, her friend did only one from her back but she had a hard time with it so it took her an hour and a half to get used to the hooks in her back. Poor girl was kinda out of it for a while. A couple of hits of oxygen and a long rest finally made her feel better. Once she was up in the air she was swinging away and having fun.

For people here in Osaka, the exhibit starts on the night of Shiho's bar official opening party. 5,000 yen for men, 3,000 for women and 7,000 for couples. Free food and drinks. If you go on a day after the opening, it is 2,500 yen for men and 1,500 for women, one drink included, drinks are then 500 yen and up after that, depending on what you drink. I got a bottle of Glenfiddich 12 years there so that's all I drink when I'm there. I'll have to ask her about getting a bottle of 18 year old for the next bottle keep.

I am also organizing a shibari school at Witasexutopia. I already had two friends get lessons there. I have to work out the dates but it will be on sunday at her bar. The cost is 5,000 for an hour of instruction and you have to bring your own model to tie up. People who are interested can email me. There will be a limit of two students per class, her bar is small and two students is a good fit. People can also buy rope at her bar, so come and get some lessons and buy some rope and then go home and practice and have fun. Shiho Sensei looks forward to teaching people the beautiful art of shibari.

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