Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ageha Asagi Mural

Some of the first photos I had published in S&M Sniper were of Ageha Asagi and Steve Osada.My sister was visiting me in Japan and I took her to Tokyo. We went to see Steve and Ageha at hisStudioSix. It was the first time my sister had seen Japanese shibari. During the whole performance Steve had Jimi Hendrix playing and it fit the performance very well.

About two years later a friend of mine who is a great grafffiti/spray artist wanted to do a fetishy-S/M type of spray art so I showed him the photos of Steve and Ageha and he liked them. Roler then spent his nights painting this cool mural in the minami area of Osaka. I ought to go by there and see if it is still up there.

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